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Alta du Toit School is celebrating its 60th birthday this year. We are pleased to share that our esteemed celebrations will feature performances by our very own Marimba band, followed by a performance by Jak de Priester. Additionally, we are honored to have Howard Warrington, the Guinness World Record holder swimmer, participate in an interview elaborating on: The Why Of Life , while Martelize Brink – RSG presenter will graciously serve as our Master of Ceremonies. We invite you to join us for an inspirational tour around the school, offering insights into its origins and journey. Tapas-style food and wine pairing are prepared to create a memorable experience. This event holds great significance dedicated to supporting learners with intellectual disabilities at our institution. Donations towards this noble cause are welcomed and appreciated. Dress smart casual and enjoy a memorable morning with us.

About Alta du Toit School

Our duty at Alta du Toit School is to prepare learners for their life’s journey taking individual challenges into account. As a school, we offer specialized, professional education to learners with intellectual disabilities from different cultural backgrounds who can not benefit from mainstream offerings. Alta du Toit School prides itself in providing a supportive and enriching environment where each learner’s potential is developed and the growth of each staff member is encouraged.

Our Mission

To prepare learners for their life’s journey taking individual challenges into account.

Alta Du Toit School Vision

Our Vision

Alta du Toit School provides a supportive and enriching environment where each learners potential is developed and the growth of each staff member is encouraged.




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Vakansie dae (skool gesluit): Public Holidays (school closed 1 Mei -Werkersdag 1 May Workers Day 


29 Mei- Nasionale Verkiesing Dag-29 May National Voting Day 

Tuis naweke (koshuis gesluit): Out Week-ends (hostel closed) • 19 – 21 April • 10 – 12 Mei/May • 31 Mei/May – 2 Junie/June 

Ander dae van belang: Other days of importance  Grondslag Fase Uitstappie/Foundation Phase outing – 11 April Moedersdag/Mothers Day – 12 Mei/May Senior Fase Uitstappie/Senior Phase outing- 30 Mei/May 

Skool sluit elke dag 13:00 (tot 13/06) School closes daily at 13:00 (till 13/06)-3 Junie/June 

Mark Dag/Market Day- 7 Junie/June 

Skool sluit vir vakansie/School closes for the holiday- 14 Junie/June 





Alta du Toit School Governing Body request a quotation from a registered Estate Agent/Agency to deliver rental property management on behalf of the School’s Governing Body. We look forward to your applications. Please download our application form HERE.

Recent Events

Alta du Toit Skool vier 60ste met inspirasie-oggend 

Vir reeds 60 jaar verskaf die Alta du Toit Skool in Kuilsrivier die nodige opleiding en ondersteuning om leerders met intellektuele uitdagings te help om tot hul volle potensiaal te kan ontwikkel.

Lees volle berig hier:


From Seed to Soil


The vegetable garden at Alta du Toit School currently consists of 1,400 plants. Further eight trays were recently added, each containing 200 plants. A new plot of land is also being prepared for additional spinach cultivation. 

We are in the process to establish an 

on-site compost heap, with the active involvement from the learners. This will contribute to the production of compost by fermenting banana peels into a 

nutrient-rich tea, which serves as nourishment for the plants. 

Learners enthusiastically gather banana peels and gain firsthand knowledge on gardening methods and nurturing plants. We extend our gratitude to Accountability (Pty) Ltd for their generous support of this initiative.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Alta du Toit School treated our learners to our annual Christmas lunch yesterday! The dining hall was decorated and our kitchen staff made the most delicious flame grilled burger meals! Everyone was in high spirits and one could see the learners’ excitement for the festive season ahead! What a cheerful way to end the school year!!! We want to thank Function Hire 4 You and our sponsors for making the day possible!


Exciting Updates from the Marimba Band

The Marimba Progamme at Alta du Toit School had an eventful first term. All the learners in the Occupational Phase are encouraged to participate in this exciting cultural affiliation of our school. These learners have the opportunity to represent Alta du Toit School at various Eisteddfod Concerts throughout the year in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, Marimba Jam, Perservala and Tygerberg International Eisteddfod. 

The lmbhewu Marimba Band had a promising start to the year, having already secured five bookings for 2024. 

Would you be interested in booking our Marimba Band? Please contact Wendy Homann at 076 858 6955 


Alta Du Toit Teacher of the Month

Mrs Ferreira is the Curriculum Head at Alta du Toit School and middle phase acting head of department. As curriculum head she is doing a sterling job by ensuring all teachers are updated regarding latest developments. She arranged many training sessions in 2022 for staff and already have a plan in place for training in 2023. She is not only a good teacher, but also an implementer of what is required to make a difference in the lives of staff and learners at the school.

Our Latest Success Story

Student-Centered Learning 

“If a child cant learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”. These words by Ignacio Estrada inform how Alta du Toit School supports our students. Adapting the way we teach gives us far better results than trying to continue doing work that will not assist in the way the students learn

Alta Du Toit Initiatives

Presidential Youth Employment

Alta du Toit School is privileged and proud to be part of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) since its inception in 2020. The PYEI addresses the concerning issue of unemployment amongst the youth in South Africa. The Education & General School Assistants pictured below forms part of Phase III of this initiative. They assist in supporting our special learners in and outside the classroom and ensure a clean and safe school environment and infrastructure. We thank each of you!

Alta Du Toit Self-Reliance-, Social- and Life Skills

Throwback Thursday

Last week our learners were crafting all kinds of surprises for their father figures! They were so excited to show them their appreciation and love! We want to send out a big thank you to all our fathers, uncles and granddads for all their efforts in shaping the future!

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person; he believed in me.” – Jim Valvano –


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“Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference.” – Kathy Calvin.

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